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Marjolaine Del Pino

Graphic Designer & Artist, born in Chile.

Self portrait, 50 x 50 cm, Acrylic on Canvas. (Sold)


After finalizing her professional studies she worked in Graphic Design Companies, newspapers and magazines.
In 1996, she moved to Luxembourg to work as Interior Designer. At the same time she learned the acrylic and silkscreen print techniques.

In 1999, she moved to Asia and explored China, India, Japan, Korea, Mongolia and South-East Asian countries. She was especially inspired and motivated by the colors, dances and music in those countries. Her interest in superstitions and traditions of the Asian Culture strongly influenced her future paintings.

In 2009 she moved back to Luxembourg and continued discovering new sources of inspiration and dedicating herself to develop her passion.

She lived in New Delhi, India, from 2012 to 2016, her stay in India shaped her style of painting significantly.

From summer 2016 to 2019 she lived in Madrid learning mainly the oil technique.
As in previous places she stayed, Marjolaine explores Spain learning of the cultural and traditional wealth of this country, being inspired for her new series that she will call “Spain and Passions”.

Marjolaine was very present in the artistic and cultural activity of the Spanish capital, participating in 8 exhibitions.

Since October 2019 she has been living in Brazil, and has already started to prepare her new series, which she calls “Tropical”.

Since her confinement in Brasilia, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, she continues to work and participate in projects and collective virtual exhibitions such as “Testimonios del Confinamiento” and “La Ruta del Quijote” which were carried out virtually and jointly with the Academia DV in Madrid and the Museo Iconográfico del Quijote (MIQ), in the city of Guanajuato in Mexico.

She was also invited by the Tanagra Group of Chillan, Chile to participate in the International Art Salon, where her work “Huéspedes de la Calle” (Guests of the Street) was selected.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 123rd anniversary of the Colegio Seminario Padre Alberto Hurtado she was invited to a Solo Virtual Exhibition, which she called “Alma”.

In June of this year she was invited by the Municipality of Chillán to exhibit in person in her hometown, with this solo exhibition called “Trotamundos”, Marjolaine presented her work for the first time in Chile.

This was followed by another solo exhibition in July at the Sala de Arte Mercado in the same city, entitled “Ayer y Hoy”.

At the moment she is working on new personal projects and on her participation in the group show called “Migrations”, which will be shown in Mexico and the USA in the near future


2008, ” Colorful Souls”, at La Lanta Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.

2010, Solo Exhibition “10 ans en Asie”, at Denzelt Gallery, Echternach, Luxembourg.

2010, “Wine and Art”, Wincheringen, Germany.

2010, “Biller- a Konschtausstellung”, at Hanner Bra, Bech, Luxembourg.

2010, “Open doors by Fabrizio” at Atelier d’Art Fabrizio, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

2011, Solo Exhibition ” Ki Moon”, at Chateau de Bourglinster Gallery, Bourglinster, Luxembourg.

2011, “Biller- a Konschtausstellung”, at Hanner Bra, Bech, Luxembourg.

2011, “Encuentro”, International Artist Meeting, León, Spain.

2011, “Nuits Magiques”, at Centre des Langues, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

2012, ” Encuentro”, at Sparkasse, Trier, Germany.

2012, ” L’Art est une rencontre et la rencontre est un art”, Chateau de Vianden, Vianden, Luxembourg.

2012, “Biller- a Konschtausstellung”, at Hanner Bra, Bech, Luxembourg.

2012, “3 artistes 3 expressions” at Becher Gare Konscht Gallery, Bech, Luxembourg.

2013, Solo Exhibition “Spirit of Asia” at KulturGiesserei, Saarburg, Germany.

2014, Display at the Residence of the Chilean Embassy, New Delhi, India.

2014, Solo Exhibition “Mystic India” at Gallery Instituto Cervantes New Delhi, India.

2015, “Kolor Tandav” at All India Fine Arts & Craft Society (AIFACS), New Delhi, India.

2016, “Group Show”, Grains of Canvas, Institute of Art & Vimla Gallery of Art, Gurgaon, India.

2016, “Women’s day”, Grain of Canvas, Institute of Art & Vimla Gallery of Art, Gurgaon, India.

2016, Solo Exhibition, “Mystic India II”, at Vimla Gallery of Art, Gurgaon, India.

2016, “Sacred Moments”, Covention Foyer, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Rd, New Delhi, India.

2017, “Femme et Féminité”, Atrium, Sofitel Luxembourg Europe, Luxembourg.

2018, Exposición colectiva «Homenaje a Rusia: Mujer, Cultura y Paisaje», Centro Ruso de Cultura, Madrid, España.

2018, Exposición colectiva “Tetralogía de la Naturaleza: Aire”, Galería de Arte ULMACARISA, Madrid, España.

2018, Exposición colectiva “Tetralogía de la Naturaleza: Agua, Fuego, Tierra, Aire”, Galería de la Biblioteca Pública Manuel Alvar, Madrid, España.

2018, Participant à la “Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain” et la Galerie Gaudí , Parc des Expositions Luxexpo The Box, Kirchberg, Luxembourg.

2019, Exposición colectiva LUX, Galería Gaudí, Madrid, España.

2019, Cultural Evening. “Mystic INDIA” in presence of the Honorable Minister of External Affairs of India. H.E. MRS. SUSHMA SWARAJ. Hotel Villa Magna, Madrid.

2019, Exposición colectiva “Homenaje a Chile”, Galería de Arte ULMACARISA, Madrid, España.

2019, Exposición colectiva “PINCELADAS”, Galería de Arte ULMACARISA, Madrid, España.

2020, Exposición Colectiva OnLine, “Testimonios del Confinamiento”ña.

2020, Exposición Colectiva OnLine, “La Ruta del Quijote”, España/ México.

2021,  Solo Exposición OnLine “Alma”, Chillán, Chile.

Muestra Plástica ALMA – YouTube

2021, Exposición Colectiva OnLine, “Encuentros España-México”

2021, Salón Internacional de Arte online, Grupo Tanagra, Chillán, Chile.

2022, Exposición Solo, Trotamundos”, Galería Gabriela Mistral, Teatro Municipal de Chillán, Chile.

2022, Exposición Solo, “Ayer & Hoy”, Sala De Arte Mercado, Chillán, Chile.